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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Which incoming TK students are eligible to attend Short School?
    • Currently, children eligible to start Kindergarten in San Rafael City Schools may register to attend Short School for the 2018-19 school year. Based on the number of completed registration packets received on or before April 1, 2018, placement decisions will be made.

  • Is there an additional cost/fee to attend Short?
    • No.  Short School is a public elementary school and is a part of the San Rafael City Elementary School District.

  • Are the grade level standards and/or the instructional materials different than other San Rafael City Schools elementary schools?
    • Just like all elementary schools in San Rafael City Schools, the curriculum for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade at Short School is based on the State and locally approved Grade Level Standards.  All instructional materials meet State standards and have been approved for use in Kindergarten through Fifth Grades. 

  • What will be the class size at Short School?
    • Class size is the same as other classes in SRCS.  Currently, the maximum class size is 24:1, as prescribed by the class size agreement between the District and the San Rafael Teachers Association.

  • Can we visit Short School?
    • Yes. Regular school tour dates have been set for Short School.  You can contact the school’s office to learn of dates and times for school tours.