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Vanessa Flynn -- Principal

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Vanessa Flynn's passion for working with families and teachers and a love for school-life have brought her to Short School.  She enjoys her principalship in this dynamic community, which is staffed by collaborative and effective teaching professionals and attended by wonderfully curious children with a high capacity to achieve, think critically, and act creatively.

Prior to this appointment, Ms. Flynn worked as an elementary school teacher and instructional coach for twelve years in Oakland Unified School District.  Then, she was admitted to New Leaders, where she was a fellow of leadership and administration.

As a New Leaders fellow at Lighthouse Community Charter School, she was a resident principal, co-leading the kindergarten through eighth grade instructional program. This instructional leadership resulted in significant gains in student achievement at LHCC.

Thus, she was inspired to develop Read Think Apply, a comprehensive framework of literacy instruction that focuses on standards, differentiation, critical thinking, literacy, and content integration.  

In conjunction with coaching in instructional approaches, Ms. Flynn has worked with principals and teachers to develop leadership effectiveness.  These aims have moved schools toward becoming high-functioning organizations.  She brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the Short School community.

Important Upcoming Dates


April 24th-28th

Short School Spirit Week. Each day of the week we will have a special way that the students will celebrate Short School. Student Council is planning this.


May 1st-5th is Teacher Appreciation Week!

We will be honoring our teachers and all of their hard work throughout the year.


Thursday May 18th from 6:00-7:30pm is Short School's Open House. This is an evening of students share about all of their learning.


We are celebrating our 5th graders in a Graduation Ceremony on June 1st at Trinity Church.

6:00-7:30 pm


5th Grade is having a picnic at Gerstle Park. Time is TBD.


Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony in Gerstle Park from 11:30 to 1:15.


June 8, 2017 is the last day of school.

Teacher lead Field Day.


Short School Teacher is Marin County Teacher of the Year!

Short School's third grade teacher, Karrie Coulter, has been selected as the Marin County Teacher of the Year for 2015. Click the link to read the article from the Marin Independent Journal for more information.


Short School Featured in Be GLAD Newsletter

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BE GLAD™                                 August 2015 



Demonstration Site


                Short Elementary School in San Rafael, California has been getting some intensive BE GLAD support for the past few years.  They have a collection of amazing teachers and administrator. This has all culminated into powerful instruction.  The majority of their staff are either BE GLAD Certified Agency Trainers (CAT), Trainers-in-Training (TnT), or gladiators.  They have extremely high implementation of BE GLAD strategies (as their data shows, see below).


                 We had the honor of having Marcia Brechtel conduct a walk-thru to showcase some of their amazing work.  In the coming issues, we will be showcasing more of their methods they used to get to this level of success.  We will also be showcasing other BE GLAD Distinguished Sites, look on our social media for more pictures of their and other classrooms and instructional materials.


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TOOLBOX is a Kindergarten through 6th grade program that supports children in understanding and managing their own emotional, social, and academic success. 


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